BOM optimization

Through the global search and proactive analyses of your BOM, our team of experienced purchasing agents is able to find the components with the best lead-time or price available on the market.

We use our strong supply chain and business partners to reduce total cost of ownership for our customers.

Additional tests

To ensure the quality of goods for all of our customers we can use HK/SZ leading test lab services:

-Identification of chip authenticity: chip unsealing , grain take-out, vertical dissection, chip photomicrograph in high resolution and chip coating removal

-Performance testing: function verification testing, static electricity discharge testing and ageing testing

- Invalidation analysis (in construction): chip unsealing , grain take-out, vertical dissection, chip grind, chip coating removal, chip photomicrograph in high resolution, laser incision, application of EMMI Emission Microscope, LC liquid crystal hot spot detection, FMI hot spot detection, resistance value change of OBEICH laser inducement group, X-Ray Non-destructive detection, probe testing, analysis of semi-conductor’s parameters, application of FIB focused ion beam, analysis of EDX element and latch-up testing

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